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We pull news from over 5,000 reputable sources, some of which include CNN, NBC, NY Times, Huff Post, Washington Post, LA Times, CBS, Fox News, BBC, and many others. Our primary methods of gathering stories, their authors, sources, and summaries area web scraping and the Google News API. These methods provide us with all the content on the news portion of the site, and there is no shortage! We are always looking to expand our list of sources, so please get in contact with us if you think we could add a source to the literally thousands that we use already.

Bias Rating

One of the main features of RealNews is the Bias Rating (BR) that each news source is categorized by. The mission of RealNews is to provide customers with new perspective by providing them with certain characteristics of the bias the news source they are reasing might contain. We determine these characteristics through multiple methods, one of with is our community driven BR system. Major news sources are designated a BR when they are added to our site, and after that, users can visit the Rate page to either agree or disagree with the current rating. If they disagree, they give their opinion by selecting on of the following: Strongly Left, Leaning Left, Neutral, Leaning Right, Strongly Right. These ratings help our algorithm determine what the bias of the source might actually be. To read more in detail about how we poll users and calculate bias ratings, visit the Methodology page.

Sentiment Analysis

We use setiment analysis conducted on tweets across the world in order to provide the user with information about how people are feeling about the source they are currently reading, in order to allow the user to properly gauge the content of the article. We use twitter, because it's basically a huge psychological database which is being constantly updated, so it gives us the best idea of how people are feeling at that very moment. We use natural language processing through the textblob python library to determine the sentiment of tweets in our dataset, and pass that forward to you through our databse in real-time so you can understand how people are feeling about your source and if it's opinion or what it's stating is regarded as correct or good

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